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Belco Pharma is primarily a production based company focused on manufacturing products for various national and international companies. The plant is having various departments to manufacture the following:


The tablets are manufactured under class 100,000 and have all the required temperature and humidity controls for the manufacturing of sensitive products. The company has the latest technology to manufacture the most advanced formulation such us Sustained, Dry melt method, Dual Release Drug Absorption System, Bi-layer tablet, Enteric coated system, Geomatrix System, Gradumet System: interstinal Protective Drug Absorption System, Controlled release microparticulate technology.

Liquid Orals:

The company is manufacturing dry Syrups, liquid syrups and Suspensions in various packaging such as Glass, Grape, PET bottles and in Sachets. The manufacturing is done in a complete online enclosed manufacturing system. The area is maintained under class 100,000 the operation is completely online and has uni-flow direction with latest machines to manufacture any formulations.


Manufacturing is done under class 100,000 area with Brine Air technology for control of Humidity and have the capabilities to manufacture the capsules in powder form and in Pellet form. The operation is Automatic and has uni-flow direction of the materials.

External preparations:

Company is manufacturing various types of preparations for external use such as Ointments, Creams, Gel, Lotions, etc. The manufacturing is done in a complete enclosed manufacturing system and is totally automated at every step of manufacturing. The area is designed to make sterile preparations.

Parenteral Preparations including Eye and Ear drops:

Belco Pharma is expanding its position in Parenteral with state-of-the-art facility in clean rooms application. Belco Pharma has the most advanced manufacturing capabilities in Parenteral manufacturing the area ranges from class 100,000, class 10,000 to class 100 under LF spread over 25,000 sq ft. The production is divided into three grades according to the clean room class and is classified as 'O' Open Products Area, 'E' Closed Product Area and "F" Non Production Area. The machines are among the best in the industry and have huge capacity to manufacture quality products.

Manufacturing of Ampoules with Eight head automatic Ampoule filling machine and 16 head Dry powder filling machine both capable to manufacture 12,000 units per hour. The operation is online and has uni-flow direction for the movement of the materials.

Manufacturing of Ampoules, Liquid vials and dry powder injection in all sizes.

Long acting parenteral preparations, Sensitive products manufacturing, Aseptic filling, Terminal sterilization, Lyophilization and others.

Packing capability includes: Automatic visual checking machine for vials and Ampoules, Blistering of Ampoules, Online labeling and packing system.

Oncology / Sex Hormones / Beta-Lactum Division:

Separate buildings are provided along with the main building for the manufacturing of these products. The manufacturing is done with uttermost care and in an environment friendly manner where the disposal of the waste is as per the international norms. The manufacturing plant is designed to provide accident fee operation and employ anti-hazard systems. HEPA with Bag in/Bag out system and dust collector system is been provided for better contamination control. Isolators and Bio-safety cabinets are provided for dispensing and operations of these products. Cytotoxic products are Incineration before their disposal. The manufacturing of various products are well segregated and have contamination free environment.

At Belco Pharma we have a high regards for Environment, Occupational Safety and health hazards, the company is entirely dedicated to this commitment. We not only meet the government's norms but are surpassing such regulatory requirements.


Injectable Production Unit Yearly Production Capacity
Liquid Vials 48 Million
Ampoules 120 Million
Powder For Injections 120 Million
Lyophized products 1.5 Million
Productions Unit Yearly Production Capacity
Tablets 480 Million
Capsules 12 Million
Liquid Syrups 12 Million
Dry Syrups 12 Million
External Preparations 12 Million
Sachets 24 Million
Powders 6 Million

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